I’m a 25 year old small town country girl who is striving to lose weight. Most of my weekends are spent with friends drinking at the bar or around a bonfire. My summers are spent on the river and being in a bikini in front of everyone really challenges my confidence. My boyfriend is very supportive but is much more active and motivated than I am. Follow me on my journey, day by day as I lose the pounds!


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This week I moved back down in the rankings of the FB slim down challenge even though I lost weight. I moved from 4th back to 7th. I weigh 191.8 as of this morning- I’m sooo close to the 180’s- I can taste it! My goal is to be there my weigh in on Monday. … Continue reading I RAN!

15, 15, 15!!!!

I weighed myself this morning and I am down exactly 15 pounds since starting this challenge!!! I cannot believe how much the scale has changed along with the differences I see in my body! My clothes fit better, I am more confident, and am finally starting to feel good about myself. I am dedicated to … Continue reading 15, 15, 15!!!!

E.R. Visit

This weekend was definitely not what I was expecting. I was planning on a low key, relaxing weekend ending with my CCW class all day Sunday. Friday night I stayed in and relaxed around the house. Saturday I woke up and went out to eat for breakfast with my boyfriend because he didn’t have to … Continue reading E.R. Visit

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