What First?

So… where do I start. I’m not even sure why I’m creating a blog except that I saw someone that I went to college with try it and thought if she could do it why can’t I! I’m still not sure if I want to associate my full name or keep it somewhat private until I find the confidence to share this on my other social media sites.

I have always been chunkier or “thick boned” you might say. I was never a great athlete, my sisters stole the spotlight there. Never had confidence to be in musicals or plays but I found myself finding friends who weren’t all about looks and didn’t really care what I looked like. In high school a lot of those friends weren’t what you would typically call a role model  but they accepted me. Some of my favorite memories are with those people and I wish I could say I remember them all but many are just blurs because are nights usually consisted of drinking.

I guess I’m not even sure if this blog is going to be about weight loss or cutting/quitting drinking. I don’t know what step needs to be taken but they both scare me immensely.

Today is January 24 2017. Current weight-204.4lbs. My last drink was 3 days ago.


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