Yesterday was very busy, I’m sorry for not getting a post up! We had a rewards party for our students and had a dodgeball tournament that ended with a teachers verses students. To say the least I got my steps in for the day 🙂 But when did dodgeball become a game for wimps!?! When I was in school we used rubber balls that actually moved when you threw them. They hurt like hell but it was part of the game and it made you stay on your toes to not get hit. The past couple years we have switched out those childhood nightmares to these foam, lightweight wimpy balls that go less then 10 feet when you throw them. It was such a boring game to play and watch!

Another fun fact, I drive school bus- got my CDL over the summer so I could drive sports teams to their events throughout the school year. Last night I drove a Freshman and JV team to their game. I planed ahead, prepared some meals and brought them to school with me. Well.. I left them in the school fridge and only had a banana left from lunch to eat for dinner. I thought oh well, I have my wallet and can find something at the concessions. Come to find out I didn’t have a penny to my name, or at least in my wallet last night. So my dinner was a banana and a piece of gum with lots of water to hold me over. By the time I got home it was 10:30 and waaay too late to eat. I know skipping meals if bad for you but I wasn’t going to eat and then head to bed.

I’m headed to a game night tonight at a friends house where they are going to have chipotle CATER at their house!! WHO DOES THAT!?! I am going to treat myself but still try to find a healthyish meal and portion control. Drinks will be flowing but I am going to use the excuse that I wasn’t feeling good this week to stay away from the booze. Let’s hope that works, my friends are great at peer pressure and I usually fold pretty easily when I’m the only one not sipping on something cold.

Have a good weekend readers!

Today is January 27, 2017~~Current weight-201.5 ~~6 days sober


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