Oh The Temptations!

20170129_141455Friday night I went to a friends house for a game night with about 15 other people. I this group of friends but I am always more social  and outgoing when I have a drink or 2 to lossen me up! They did not pressure me to drink but about 75% of them had something tastey and strong in their hands which made it hard to decline when they offered me a taste.  I stayed strong and didn’t have a drop but there was another temptation there.

They had won a catered Chipotle dinner for 20 friends. It was like heaven, you had all the choices and could make it however you wanted. I started by taking two taco shells and decided to put one back thinking I would try one before making another just to see how full I was. I went back for another taco but this time instead of cheese and sour cream I loaded it with corn salsa and mild salsa. A friend brought a big container of puppy chow and I took a small cup full instead of bringing the whole container into the living room. Overall I thought I did pretty well and was proud of myself!

Im meal prepping for the week with chicken burrito bowls (I obviously didn’t get my Mexican food fill 😊). I filled each container with white quinoa, seasoned chicken breast, sauteed onions and green peppers, with corn and salsa. I was supposed to add beans but didn’t have any on hand.

Today is January 29th, 2017~~Current weight- 205.4~~Days sober-7


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