AM Workouts

I DESPERATELY need to get back into a routine with my workouts. I have a gym membership (that was WAAY to expensive!) and feel fantastic after going to the gym but waking up at 5:15am to workout when I know I can sleep in till 6:30am is such a struggle. I have written out workouts to do in the gymnasium and pool to try to break up my usual workout of elliptical/bike/weight machines. I get so excited to try them out but I usually only make it to the gym 1-2 times a week and the past 2 weeks I haven’t gone at all! =O

I have fitness challenges with friends through my fitbit and that definitely pushes me toward my daily steps goal. I was just invited to join a FB weight loss challenge that costs $20 but whoever loses the highest percentage in 2 months wins the cash prize! I am going to try this, I feel like money will be a big motivator for me, which sounds somewhat shallow, I know.

I am also adding a picture of my before body. It is taking A LOT for me to post this so please only positive comments if any. I know it’s not anything like My 600lb life but this is my own struggle to feel good about my body. I am wearing my 2 favorite pairs of jeans in the photos that are a size 16. My goal is to not have a muffin top over the sides or front/back along with feeling comfortable wearing them. Right now, the zipper feels like it is going to pop and if I bend over, the seams in the booty are going to bust!

Today is January 30, 2017~~ Current weight-205.6~~ Days Sober-8


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