Zumba Canceled.. again.

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s my school has a free Zumba class for the teachers to attend. I have been so busy with coaching and driving bus that I have not made it to a single class this year. I also make a ton of excuses as to why I can’t don’t go. Well after the new year I told myself I was going to start back up at least once a week.

The first week after our winter break I brought my clothes, talked to some of the other ladies that are usually there and was super pumped to go! Well the instructor had a work emergency and couldn’t make it to class. Since then she has had to cancel 2 other times but she was changing shifts so her job would no longer interfere with her Zumba classes. So.. this morning I didn’t go to the gym because I knew I had Zumba today. I packed all my clothes last night. Back to Zumba- ready to learn new dances, and sweat some calories off. Well we got an email that Zumba is canceled AGAIN today because our gym is being used for a Jr. High basketball game.

I am bummed that I don’t get to do a fun workout with my co-workers and this means that I definitely need to get to the gym or do a workout today after school. The only positive that came out of this is that I can get my pic changed after school which has been on the bottom of my priority list for a long time! :/ oops.

What are some of your favorite workouts to do at home or at the gym. Do you work out alone or with friends? Give me some ideas 🙂

Today is January 31, 2017~~Current Weight 204.8~~ Days Sober- 9


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