Unknown Weight

This morning I weighed in and about fainted! My weight has been teetering around 205 for the past few weeks. I have been weighing myself in the evenings which I know could really throw off my numbers but it was most convenient at the time. This morning I jumped onto the scale right after my shower and it said 183!?!?! WHAT??? There was no way this could be right so I tried again.. 198, and again…203… and once more…198. I was totally confused but at least all 3 of those numbers are below what I was yesterday! Im going to get a new scale today after school and see if I can find a more accurate answer.

Yesterday I told you I would tell you my 3 short term and long term goals that my devotion book encouraged me to write. (The picture is of the daily devotions book that I am reading). I want to continue to change my short term goals as soon as I conquer them and can do the same for my long term goals. So here they are:


  1. Lose 2 pounds during the 1st week of Summer Slimdown (A FB challenge).
  2. Go to church once a month.
  3. Find positivity throughout the day!

I thought those were some good beginner goals that I could work toward with ease.


  1. Fit into my dream jeans comfortably (the 2 pairs I was wearing in my before picture).
  2. Lose the boy short swim bottoms and feel confident in a bikini.
  3. Be ok with not always being in control!

This last goal is such a struggle- I hate not knowing what the plans are; where we are meeting, when we are meeting, who is going, who is driving, etc. And being late literally kills me from the inside out. My boyfriend knows this and pushes the limit sometimes but I am honestly trying to overcome this and just let everything work itself out. Being in control and worrying about plans just puts stress on me and makes me angry(2 qualities I hate about myself!)

Today is February 2, 2017~~ Current Weight- Unknown~~ Days Sober- 11

OH! And I’m going to Zumba today! First time since the beginning of the school year 🙂


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