10 Pounds!

I went to my 1st Zumba class of the year last night and man did I miss it! I wish more teachers took advantage of this opportunity. Free classes at your place of work, twice a week- that’s a great deal! There were only 5 other ladies there dancing with me and I know last year we had close to 20 in a class.

My diet yesterday was awful! I had pizza for lunch and went out to eat for dinner and had a buffalo chicken wrap with fries. I felt pretty awful eating that greasy pizza but thought that working out would help take away some of those calories. I also went to watch one of my vb girls that I coached at he diving meet. She is a freshman trying to break the school’s record! She was very close but fell a bit short 😦

I fixed my scale and weighed myself multiple times to make sure the number was correct. From January 1st to now I am down 10 lbs!!! Obviously that number is going to fluctuate but I am so pumped to see this number drop! I just wish those 10 pounds would count for the Summer Slim down challenge that starts on Monday!

Today is February 3, 2017~~ Current weight- 198~~ Days sober-12 days


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