Super Bowl Sucks!

From the title of this blog you might think that I am upset the falcons lost but honestly I just watched for the commercials. 🙂 The reason I say the super bowl sucks is because of ALL THE FOOD! We had people over to watch the game and ordered pizza along with a lots of unhealthy side dishes that friends had made. (And they left all the leftovers at our house- can you say trash can please??) I ate awful and ended up drinking 😦 😦 😦 so my countdown for days sober is starting over. I’m not saying that I want to quit drinking all together but I know how awful it is for my body and how many calories I take in with each beer or mixed drink. I want to cut back as much as possible because before I started this journey I was getting black out drunk 1-2 times a weekend along with casual drinks throughout the week. I was proud of myself that I hadn’t drank in 13 days because that meant I was making smart choices and not falling into peer pressure when my friends would drink around me.

Today was the 1st weigh in for my FB Summer Slimdown. YES I ate horribly yesterday and drank and it definitely affected my weight. When I took a picture of the scale this morning to post on our competition page I was almost sick to my stomach to see how much I had gained back in just a weekend of being unhealthy! From Friday’s weigh in to Monday morning I gained back 5 pounds! I know that number seems drastic but it gave me more fuel and ammunition to kick but in this weight-loss challenge.

Meal prep for this week is steamed veggies with whole grain noodles and salmon patties. I don’t have dinner plans to eat out this week and my weekend is empty as of now which means I won’t be tempted to make bad choices.

Today is February 6, 2017~~ Current Weight- 205.8~~ Days Sober-1


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