Money or Sweat?

Last night I had to make a decision of if I wanted to make a few extra dollars (which definitely wouldn’t hurt on a teacher’s salary) or to go to Zumba.  So the situation was this, they didn’t have a driver to take girls basketball to their game tonight and they asked me to drive for about 5 hours. THIS IS SO HARD TO TURN DOWN! Driving is easy money because once I drop off the team I have a few hours of free time to do whatever! But, if I drove the team I would have to miss an after school staff meeting that I would have to make up on Wednesday morning before school AND I would miss out on Zumba tonight.

I felt guilty saying no to driving because I know they are short on drivers and count on me to help out but I decided to choose me. I need to focus on myself instead of always helping out others. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME. I hate saying no to people and that ends up biting me in the butt because I overload my plate and get stressed out. So I took a stand for me once and I am proud of it 🙂 BTW, my weight is back down!

January 7, 2017~~ Current Weight-200.4~~ Days Sober-3


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