It’s Finally Friday I’m Free Again

We had a snow day yesterday so it definitely doesn’t feel like a Friday but I’m still ready for the weekend. We received an email today from our superintendent about what we put on social media. I guess there were teachers staying they were happy that school was canceled (which is true for every teacher) but community members thought that was inappropriate to feel this way!? Someone always has to be angry or upset. With beliefs, politics, or the dumbest ideas, someone is always going to be butt hurt! I keep my thoughts to myself typically and it has to be something completely against my beliefs for me to step up and confront another person.

My boyfriend works seconds and since hat doesn’t correlate with my teaching schedule we are celebrating valentines day on Saturday. We are going out to eat in Ft. Wayne which is about an hour drive and are getting a couples massage. I am SO excited!!! I love getting massages but rarely splurge on them for myself. We have girl cards to use up from Christmas and figured it would be a great Valentines date.

It’s been 5 days since weight in and I have to get on the scale again on Monday and report back to the Facebook page. Hopefully my weight loss this far will stand against the other ladies percentages!

Today is February 10, 2017~~ Current Weight- 198.6~~ Days Sober-6


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