Making the right choices has been brought up a lot this week. Sunday at church, the sermon was about how many choices we make daily which is around 35,000!!! Some we don’t even realize we are making but others we have to make a conscious decision of what to choose. This hit me hard both spiritually and also in my weight loss journey. Some of the hardest choices for me are:

  • What to eat
  • Working out
  • Social Habits
  • Cussing
  • Cleaning
  • Waking up early to go to church

Since I have started this journey I have tried my best to make the right choices and to do better throughout my days. Yesterday actually I asked my boyfriend to change the Netflix show he was watching because the comedian used such vulgar language that it was making me cringe every time he dropped the F bomb or used God’s name in vain. I am definitely not an angel and usually have a mouth like a sailor but yesterday it really bugged me.

My devotion yesterday was also about making good choices and that often when we worry about choices instead of trusting God we are showing that we doubt His ability.


Today is January 14, 2017~~Current Weight- 197.0~~ Days Sober- 9







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