Valentine’s Date

I hope everyone had a great Valentines’ Day no matter if you have a significant other to share it with or not. My boyfriend and I couldn’t celebrate on Tuesday because he was at work but he still surprised me with flowers when I got home, 3 roses for the 3 years we have been together 🙂 My present to him was a date night that will happen in the near future. We are going to SKYZONE -we have both never been there before.

I was thinking this was a great present because going out to eat or to a movie is such a generic date night. This will give us something fun to do and it will also be a great workout/exercise. He is a very active and competitive person so I hope we can have a little challenge playing basketball or dodgeball on the trampolines.

Tonight will be day 3 out of 4 zumba classes and holy cow am I sore! I need to keep pushing to finish out the week though- I set a goal of 4 days and I am sticking to it!!! Tonight my friend is going with me and tomorrow’s class is at school so I really don’t have an excuse as to why I can’t go. They posted the results for week 1 of the FB Summer Slimdown and I am actually in 3rd place right now instead of 1st. There were 2 ladies that didn’t post their weight loss on the website and instead private messaged the person in charge. I am so motivated to win that money and to lose weight for this summer!

February 15, 2017~~ Current Weight-196.6~~ Days Sober- 10(in double digits again!)


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