I am so sore! Last night was day 3 of Zumba and afterward I still had some energy left- well, more frustration than energy but still needed to blow off some steam. I got on Youtube and found a kickboxing video that I streamed onto my TV. I LOVE FitnessBlender! If you need an energetic, fun couple to follow with workouts and food planning you need to look them up! Last night I did an 11 minute video and IT KICKED MY BUTT! I am so sore today!

Today is day 4 of 4 of Zumba this week and I WILL meet my goal ๐Ÿ™‚ I am only down 1.2 pounds from Monday so far. I know that is still progress but after losing 8 pounds last week I was expecting a bigger loss.

This weekend will be challenging. We are supposed to go play pool and eat at a bar down the road from our house. If you have any ideas of HEALTHY bar food please let me know because I am trying to rack my brain on what to get. ALSO, its a bar which means I will be tempted to drink. I am hoping I can offer to be the DD and then I will have an excuse not to drink. Another excuse I could use is that Saturday is my nephew’s 2nd birthday party and I don’t want to feel horrible all day. I feel great and love seeing the small results so far in the mirror and in my clothes. That scale needs to keep going down ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is February 16, 2017~~ Current Weight- 196.2~~ Days Sober- 11


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