Spring, Is That You?

This weekend and today’s weather has been absolutely perfect, 60s and sunny! I can’t believe that it’s this warm in FEBRUARY! I am so happy this winter has been so mild,  bring on spring because I’m ready! 🙂


This weekend was my nephews 2nd birthday party and he was the happiest little boy.  He did great opening his presents and even blew out his candles.  I ate a burger without a bun amd filed up with fruit and veggies. I couldn’t pass up the birthday cake and ice cream but it was worth it! 🙂 After the party I went out with a few friends to watch dueling pianos perform at a bar.  I was dd which got me out of dinking even though I was asked many times of I wanted a drink.

Today was the second weigh-in for the Facebook summer slim down. I gained 1 pound from last week’s weigh in but I’m still down seven pounds since starting the competition.

Today is February 20th,2017 ~~ Current weight 198.4 ~~ Days sober 15


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