Waiting on Rankings…

Today I have been persistently checking the FB challenge page to see what this weeks rankings are. I know I moved down the totem pole and won’t be in 3rd anymore but I am still anxiously awaiting the results. Yesterday since I didn’t have school I woke up and walked my German Shepherd around the reservoir near my house. We did 2 laps which was about a 3 mile walk. There was only 1 other person walking and 2 men fishing so it was a very peaceful morning. My daily step goal is 10,000 steps and I wasn’t quite there yet but it was only 11am. I got home, made some lunch along with meal preps for the week and decided to go on another walk with both of my dogs. This got me to my step goal but I was still planning on heading to Zumba. Well my plans changed and I ended up grilling out with some friends instead.

This week’s weather is breaking record temps for the high and I couldn’t be happier! We live right on the river and we have a yearly competition to see who will be first to wakeboard between a few neighbors and ourselves. My boyfriend wanted to go out on Wednesday but someone beat us out this weekend! That water has to be FREEZING!

I am headed to Zumba today after our school’s staff meeting and then plan on going Wednesday and Thursday as well. Let’s hope 3 days will be a goal I can accomplish since last week I made it to 4!

Today is February 21, 2017~~ Current Weight- 198.4~~ Days Sober- 16


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