3rd to 7th

Yesterday was just AWFUL! Everyone seemed to be in a crazy unhappy mood; the students, teachers, and administration. I had students refusing to do any work, talk, or even look at me along with 1 punching his locker because he was so angry. You would think after a 3 day weekend everyone would be cheery and well rested…apparently I was completely wrong 😦

The FB challenge results are in for week 2 and I moved from 3rd pace to 7th which was a low blow but I am still determined! This might have made me even more motivated to workout and eat healthy. Last night I wasn’t feeling good and I know that’s not a good excuse but I ended up skipping Zumba AGAIN but I did go for a walk to help get some exercise in. After my walk I didn’t have ANY energy left so for supper I had a bowl of cereal and a banana and took a much needed nap.

I decided I am going to start juicing for my breakfasts at school. I don’t get to eat lunch until 12:50 so my mornings are LOOOONNNNGG. I did this last fall when I wanted to lose weight for a wedding that I was in. This morning I made a drink that contains 2 apples, 4 celery sticks, 1 cucumber, a handful of spinach, and some lemon juice. As long as it is cold, I can drink it without a problem and it holds me over until lunch. We will see if this helps me with my fruit and veggie intake along with losing weight.

Today is February 22, 2017~~ Current Weight- 196.8~~Days Sober-17


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