Life of Luxury

When I got home yesterday I had a package sitting on my doorstep. I bought new dog beds awhile back for my fur babies and they had finally arrived! Delilah was scared at first, like always, but got over it quickly. Mac our german shepherd could have cared less. I just thought instead of buying 4-6 dog begs a year maybe these would last a bit longer.

Last night I was all ready for Zumba and had texted my friend to make sure she had a sitter so that she could go as well. And then.. I got a FB message saying the class was canceled for the night. I understand why sometimes she cancels her classes. Zumba 4 days in a row has to be tough even though its a great workout. Also, she only charges $3 a person so if she only has 3 people show up like last time, it wouldn’t be enough money to even cover the cost of renting the building for an hour. The instructor is a trooper tho and is an inspiration to so many. She was actually on a Zumba¬†promotional commercial because she has lost over 150 pounds through Zumba and working out! She completely changed her life.

This Saturday I am going to a bridal shower at a winery and then out with my sister to watch a local band play at a bar. I honestly could use 10 drinks after how horrible this week has gone but I want to stay strong! 18 days without a drink is probably the longest I have ever gone since I started drinking in high school. Weekends are definitely going to be tough but the summer when I am off work for 3 months will be the biggest challenge! I have plans early Sunday morning so I don’t want to feel nasty and hungover so that is something to make me not drink, along with my weakening will power :/ Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

Today is February 23, 2017~~Current Weight-196.6~~ Days Sober- 18!


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