Spirit Week

It’s going to be a great week! It is spirit week and if we dress up with the correlating days we are allowed to wear jeans. Today was hat day which is my favorite day! Jeans, boots, and a baseball cap is my usual attire so being able to wear this today at school is a dream come true 🙂

This weekend was so much fun, I had some setbacks but I honestly think it was worth it. I went to a bridal shower at a winery and they had bottles sitting at each table. This is my favorite winery and had to drink some, it’s free wine- don’t judge ;P After the bridal shower I headed off to my sisters with one of my good friends to watch a country band play at a local bar. They put on SUCH a good show- they impress me more and more every time I see them. The first time I watched them the fiddle player was standing on the bar and was getting so into the song he fell off! That didn’t stop him though, he jumped back up and kept playing even with his elbow/arm cut and bleeding.

Yesterday when I got home my boyfriend and I packed up the car with 3 of our guns and headed to a friends. I wanted to practice for my CCW class which is next week and shooting is a huge past time for my friends so we had some fun!!

Even after an eventful weekend I am at my lowest weight since I started my journey in January. Today was weigh in for the FB Summer slimdown challenge and I am feeling good about my standings. So far I have lost 4.8% of my body weight! I am not stopping now- I am determined and motivated to keep moving.

Today is February 27, 2017~~Current weight- 196.4~~ Days sober- 1


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