Still Losing =D

Today is wear college attire or dress for your dream job during our themed spirit week. I am decked out in BGSU apparel including sweatpants and my favorite sweatshirt- didn’t I tell you guys this was going to be the best week!! Also, I got a kickboxing workout in last night before going to bed.

I weighed myself this morning and I’m down again! 195.8. I really wish it wasn’t going to be rainy all day today and tomorrow because it’s pushing 60* which is great weather to get the pups out for a walk and burn off some energy. My German Shepherd has found a new hobby and that’s eating our carpet until it is bare in spots!!! Our carpet is old and nasty and will be getting ripped out this summer but I am so confused of why he is doing this, IT CAN’T TASTE GOOD! He has raw hides, toys, squeakers, and plenty of food and water. If anyone has ideas to break this new habit I would LOVE to hear your ideas! 

I will be checking FB all day to see what the new standings our for the summer slim down and will update you tomorrow. I am very excited to see where I fall this week! Zumba tonight to keep up my daily workouts!

Today is February 28, 2017~~ Current Weight- 195.8~~ Days Sober-2


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