Make the Right Decision

I truly believe that your attitude can change everything. It can change how you feel about yourself, how you come across to others, and how your day will end up.

  • When I wake up in the morning if my routine is thrown off or I am running late it can ruin my entire day and that’s because I have a negative attitude.
  • When I let my dog out in the morning to do his business and he doesn’t come in when I call that puts me in a bad mood because I have to go and chase in which he thinks is a game! :/
  • Working with children can also sway my attitude as well depending on how the day starts. If I have a student come up and tell me a story about their weekend I typically have a great attitude but when they come running up to you as soon as you walk into the classroom to tattle on another students that starts my day off on the wrong foot.
  • Being able to workout after school or having to skip a workout for a meeting or after school detention can change my attitude.

Through my day I have many things that can alter my mood and give me a bad attitude but I try finding the small things to keep me happy and upbeat. I have learned that attitudes and moods have a way of rubbing off on those around you. If I want to have positive people around me, I need to be that positive role model for others to take after.

Try to think of all the positives in your life and how many blessings you are given daily. Let that surround you and effect your attitude in a positive way!

  • All my material things- car, house, clothes
  • A loving family, great friends, and a caring boyfriend
  • A fantastic dream job working with wonderful co-workers and joyful children
  • A forgiving God who loves me unconditionally!

All of these things are reasons to smile and to keep your attitude positive- as one of my co-workers always says “keep your sunny-side up!” 🙂 Happy Friday Y’all!

Today is March 3, 2017~~ Current Weight 193.6~~Days Sober-6


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