E.R. Visit

This weekend was definitely not what I was expecting. I was planning on a low key, relaxing weekend ending with my CCW class all day Sunday. Friday night I stayed in and relaxed around the house. Saturday I woke up and went out to eat for breakfast with my boyfriend because he didn’t have to work, which rarely ever happens. The day was going perfectly. We were both in great moods and didn’t have anything to do until later that night. I got the house cleaned from top to bottom, laundry and dishes done, and picked up the spare room. My boyfriend and I had a birthday party to go to Saturday night and that’s when things got out of hand.

I was DD and didn’t have a drop of alcohol but my boyfriend on the other hand had some fun. He rarely drinks, honestly maybe twice a year and he decided to go hard Saturday. He ended up having around 8 very very strong margaritas by the time he was loaded up in my car. The ride home was awful, and getting him into bed was even worse. He was seriously out of his mind, bad enough that I had to call 2 of his friends to help me. One of those friends is an EMT, nurse and paramedic so I knew I could count on him to know what to do. Within 20 minutes of being with him he said we have to take him to the ER. I really didn’t want to do this because I know how angry and upset he would be at himself and us in the morning.

Once we finally got him into the car and into the hospital, which was a very difficult task as he wasn’t going without a fight they drew his blood. He had drank 3 times the legal limit!! They started an IV and took a CT scan because he had fallen multiple times and one of the times he hit his head. My friends left after he was admitted but I stayed with him from 3am until 10am when he woke up dazed and completely confused as to why he was in the hospital. He had no recollection of what happened or why he was there. He wasn’t mad at me but felt more guilt for putting me through that. We ended up getting released at noon and I was completely exhausted as I hadn’t slept all night. I also missed my CCW class which I was super bummed about but I rescheduled for April 1st.

How was everyone else’s weekend?!? I’m guessing better than mine :/

Today is March 6,2017~~ Current weight- 193.0~~ Days Sober-8


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