7th to 4th

This week I lost 3 pounds from last weigh in which bumped me up to 4th place. So so so close to the top 3. We have 3 more weeks to lose weight. I have lost 12 pounds since the start of this competition and my 1st goal would be to lose 13 more pounds. I know that is far fetched for only 3 weeks but I want to get as close as possible to 180lbs by the end of the competition. I really want to push myself and get into the top 3 spots so that I can feel accomplished with my weight but also to win some $$ šŸ™‚

Last night I did a quick kickboxing class at home and wasn’t really feeling it so I decided to go to the gym and walk awhile. There were a lot of people on the track with me and that pushed me to pass people. An hour of walking got me to my step goal for the day but I don’t think he food that I ateĀ last night was burned off :/ oops!

The next few weekends are insane crazy and will be a huge challenge for me with weight and drinking. For St. Patricks day I am going to Athens to a friends house to celebrate and the 2 weekends after that I have bachelorette parties. I don’t want to drink and get hammered all of those days… especially after what happened after this weekend with our hospital visit.

Tonight I need to get groceries, meal prep for the rest of the week, and juice for the next 3 mornings. I fell off the juicing wagon again and need to jump back on because it gives my body so many nutrients that I need.

Today is March 7th, 2017~~ Current Weight 193.8~~ Days Sober-9


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