15, 15, 15!!!!

I weighed myself this morning and I am down exactly 15 pounds since starting this challenge!!!

I cannot believe how much the scale has changed along with the differences I see in my body! My clothes fit better, I am more confident, and am finally starting to feel good about myself. I am dedicated to working out 3 times a week at the minimum but still shoot for 5 days. Even when plans change and Zumba class is canceled I do a workout at home or I go to the gym and walk laps around the catwalk. The last 2 days that I have walked there are gymnastic classes and a cardio class down below on the gym floor which entertains me while I walk. 

I had plans Tuesday night to go out with my friend Cara for dinner and to catch up on what all happened this past weekend with the ER trip. She ended up not feeling well and wanted to reschedule for Wednesday night but I was still bummed. Then last night while I was walking, she text me and said she went home from work with a fever and chills and was going to have to cancel again. I was devastated, I honestly started to tear up while walking on the track. I know its not her fault that she wasn’t feeling good and that I shouldn’t be upset but I really needed to talk and vent to someone. I ended up going to my friend Codi’s to hang out while he worked out in his shop (he’s a mechanic and works on tractors).

I did drink last night and with the next month of plans, I decided I am going to stop my sobriety countdown. I just have too many events coming up where I want to celebrate with my friends and want to drink a few. I know this might make me weak but my main goal this year was to cut back on how much alcohol I drink and to lose enough weight to make me love myself and my body again. I feel like I am doing pretty dam good with both of these!

Today is March 9, 2017~~ Current weight- 190.8!!


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