This week I moved back down in the rankings of the FB slim down challenge even though I lost weight. I moved from 4th back to 7th. I weigh 191.8 as of this morning- I’m sooo close to the 180’s- I can taste it! My goal is to be there my weigh in on Monday.

I went to Zumba on Monday after the instructor was sick all last week. You could tell she still wasn’t feeling the greatest and didn’t push herself too much. The second to last song was a new one so she had to show us the moves and at the end of the song she projectile vomited on the floor!!!!! I along with the rest of the class had no idea what to do or say. She ran to the bathroom and we grabbed some paper towels to help clean up. We all stressed that we were going to cut the class short and go home but she said she wanted to push through and finish the class! She did and I couldn’t believe it.

As you could guess, Zumba was canceled on Tuesday night because she wasn’t feeling much better. I am so determined to get into the 180’s that I went to the gym and RAN. I HATE RUNNING! I would rather do any other type of cardio or weightlifting. Running to me is boring and repetitive. I would much rather change up my workouts and do something fun. I was the only 1 on the track and decided what the hell 🙂 I would run 3 laps and then walk 2 laps and kept that routine going until someone else joined me on the track. I don’t have the confidence to run in front of anyone. 

Over the weekend I wore the jeans that I wore in my before pictures with quite a bit of confidence, I had a flowier shirt on but still rocked the jeans. I will post progress picture sometime this week!

Today is March 15, 2017~~ Current Weight- 191.8


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