This week I moved back down in the rankings of the FB slim down challenge even though I lost weight. I moved from 4th back to 7th. I weigh 191.8 as of this morning- I'm sooo close to the 180's- I can taste it! My goal is to be there my weigh in on Monday. … Continue reading I RAN!


15, 15, 15!!!!

I weighed myself this morning and I am down exactly 15 pounds since starting this challenge!!! I cannot believe how much the scale has changed along with the differences I see in my body! My clothes fit better, I am more confident, and am finally starting to feel good about myself. I am dedicated to … Continue reading 15, 15, 15!!!!

Make the Right Decision

I truly believe that your attitude can change everything. It can change how you feel about yourself, how you come across to others, and how your day will end up. When I wake up in the morning if my routine is thrown off or I am running late it can ruin my entire day and that's … Continue reading Make the Right Decision

Still Losing =D

Today is wear college attire or dress for your dream job during our themed spirit week. I am decked out in BGSU apparel including sweatpants and my favorite sweatshirt- didn't I tell you guys this was going to be the best week!! Also, I got a kickboxing workout in last night before going to bed. … Continue reading Still Losing =D

3rd to 7th

Yesterday was just AWFUL! Everyone seemed to be in a crazy unhappy mood; the students, teachers, and administration. I had students refusing to do any work, talk, or even look at me along with 1 punching his locker because he was so angry. You would think after a 3 day weekend everyone would be cheery … Continue reading 3rd to 7th